CNC Router v1.0, The Gantry Support

This has been quite a project. Not only the actual project these postings are all about but also the picture taking, downloading to the computer, preparing the post, it seems to be just as much work as the metal cutting. It’s all fun though, I just wish we had 48-hour days…

CAD visualization of the CNC machine base and gantry support. The rightmost slanted support is missing to allow seeing the inside.

Today I completed the gantry support. This required quite a bit of CNC machined parts for the compound slanted support. As I had mentioned earlier, I could not build it from one single piece as nothing I have would handle something that large. So instead, I designed a compound system using pieces no wider than my 140mm limit. With a bit of creativity, I was able to come up with a slanted support that gives me a proper center of gravity for the cutting tool.

All important CNC machined pieces are designed slightly larger in the needed dimensions as I do not trust the precision of the little Sherline mill. These pieces are way beyond the specs of this little machine and the stresses cause all kinds of rattle. To be on the safe side, I cut it larger (or smaller in the case of holes) and machine to size manually. Basically, the reason I am building this machine in the first place. A very rigid, large area machine.

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