The Grizzly Arrives

Grizzly g0619

I was looking for a better drill press. The one I had was over 20 years old and there was no way to drill precisely with it. It was also too short so by the time I added a vise that afforded some control, I could not fit a drill bit. Brilliant… So I went looking for something to replace it. While looking for it, I bumped into these American branded Sieg milling machines. Grizzly, Shopfox, etc. The price was right, it would do exactly what I needed plus a whole lot more. I was just worried about its immense mass. And heavy it is. I knew the main issue would be to get it into the house and up on top of my workbench. Slowly but surely I got it disassembled and moved it bit-by-bit. All the while cleaning the nasty protective grease it comes all smeared with.

There were only two days between ordering it from and its arrival. UPS (Freight) will bring to your door, provided a massive tractor trailer can come to your door. That was not my case. I live on a dead-end street with no way for a large truck to turn around. That meant I had to rent a pickup truck from Uhaul and go pick it up directly from the UPS dock. Hassle aside, it’s actually cheaper that way, even considering the pickup rental. It also allowed me to take my time with the machine as I brought it down from the bed of the pickup using an engine hoist.

In summary? I love this thing. Eventually I will find a way to motorize the movements, specially the Z axis but for now I’m really happy with it. I have no plans to convert it to a CNC. Primarily because it would be a pain the neck to disassemble it all over again. I just want to get the head up and down without breaking a sweat every time.

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