CNC Router v1.0, The Base

I had already quite a bit of stock aluminium but ended up having to order a few odd sizes I didn’t have. I’ve been ordering everything from, which so far I am very happy with. The UPS guy seriously hates me by now but the stuff gets here quickly.

I rough cut the pieces and machine them to size. Getting something 831.00mm to size was a bit of a chalenge. My caliper ends at 150mm and errors accumulate quickly if you are not careful. Once cut to size, I mark the holes and drill them (and tap when that’s the case). I started tapping with the SX3 but in the end, it’s a lot simpler to use my hand drill to tap. Just make sure you have plenty cutting oil and I can tap and remove the tap at full speed. All 400 or so holes…

The entire base was cut and machined manually. The larger holes were started with a 0.5″ drill and bored to size using the boring tool. Speaking of inches, my head works in metric while I live in an Imperial world (no pun intended). In the end, I use whatever is in front of me. The entire project was done in metric while the stock aluminium is all in inches. It makes for some complicated numbers but that’s what computers are for. Most my drill bits and end mill cutters are Imperial though I ended up buying a set of M4, M5 and M6 drills, couterbore and taps for this project. The advent of eBay ¬†and the ubiquitous Chinese vendors are making life easier for metric tools.

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