About Me

The intent of this blog is to give back. I’ve learned so much from the effort of others in the past few years. I found this would be a way for me to give it back to others wanting to learn. Those asking the so many questions I had (and still have). I’ve always been a tinkerer but I have no formal background in any of this. My formal background is in mathematics, physics and professionally, software. Until not long ago, I had no idea what a milling machine was. I did take a semester of metal shop as an elective in high school but that was only because I turned in my elective request forms late and there was nothing else left. Between basket weaving and macramĂ© (this was the late 70′s after all) metal shop felt something I could deal with. I’m glad I did as I learned the basics of a great many tools and processes, most of them manual.

I’ve always been fascinated with computers talking to machines. Since I got my first Hayes modem for my Apple II computer in the early 80′s, I started to play around with computer communications and protocols. This fascination never faded. A few years ago I started working on a home environmental control system. It involved several sensors and devices interconnected using little tiny radios (Xbee). One thing led to another and the necessity of building mechanical devices grew more and more complex. When looking for something more accurate than a Dremel tool, I bumped into the Sherline mill. That’s where this new fascination started. And here we are. I’m here now writing things that I learn, hoping that someone, somewhere can learn from it. The same way I learned from the work of so many others anonymous ( and not so anonymous :) ) sources throughout the Internet. To those, I thank you.